Associated Collectors of Planters® Peanuts Memorabilia



Annual dues are $20.00 for primary members. Dues for associate memberships are available for $10.00, age 16 and older.  For other individuals of the primary member’s family, under the age of 16, dues are $3.00.  Newsletters and other mailings are sent to primary members only.


Use the “File” then “Print” button on your browser to print out a copy of this form.

Fill it out, enclose a check and mail to:


Peanut Pals

P.O. Box 113

Nesquehoning, PA 18240



Name (Primary Member) __________________________________________$20.00

Address _____________________________________________________________

City __________________________ State ___________  ZIP Code _____________

Phone __________________________________ Country _____________________

Associate Member @ $10.00 Each (16 or older) @ $3.00 Each (15 or younger).

Name_______________________________________________________  $______

Name_______________________________________________________  $______

Name_______________________________________________________  $______

Total Amount Enclosed (In U.S. Currency)--------------------------------------$______



Make Check / Money Order Payable to Peanut Pals

Checks / Money Orders must be in U.S. Funds, Payable through a U.S. bank or post office.


Permission to List Name and Address in the Directory?         YES______ NO______

Permission to List Phone Number in the Directory?               YES______ NO______

Permission to publish your e-mail address in the Directory?   YES______ NO______


Your e-mail address is?_________________________________________________


How did you first hear about Peanut Pals? __________________________________