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This is the "missing" Benjamin Medwin bank; Front, Back, Bottom and with the Tool Holder for comparison.

I recall the bank being offered with the set, below, but as far as I know nobody ever received the bank.  I found this one on ebay in November of 2002 and I have been waiting for another one to surface.  So far this is the only one I've seen.  It is made of the same quality, proportions  and material as the rest of the set.  The person from whom I purchased it told me he got it directly from Benjamin Medwin when he visited their facility, that it never went into production and that there were only a very few made according to the people at the Benjamin Medwin facility.  I'd like to find the rest of the ones that WERE made! Has anyone out there seen another?  Please let me know. - Ed

L-R Back Row - Salt & Pepper Shakers, Tool Holder, Cookie Jar, Napkin Holder

L-R Front - Nut Bowl, Spoon Rest, Refrigerator Magnets