New Planters Mr. Peanut Bobber

To my knowledge the bobber on the left is an authentic, new item from Kraft/Planters.  I contacted a seller who told me he received it at a trade show from a Planters rep who gave it to him for agreeing to purchase a given quantity of a Planters product. 

I do not know if the bobbers will show up on the open market, in stores, as a premium or will be only handled by the reps as "THANK YOUs".

The bobber measures 6 1/8" tall.  I put it in a photo (right) with a 1991 bank for perspective.

This item was described as being "metal" but it is, in fact, a heavy plastic or resin composite material.  If any of you come across a metal one, please let me know so I can mention it on this page.

I just heard from another Peanut Pal who said she received one of these directly from a Kraft employee.  Her nodder is not metal.