Here are some centerfolds, back covers and interior art from Planters Mr. Peanut Paint Books, etc.  Just because there is no centerfold shown for a book doesn't mean one never existed, only that it is missing from the one in my collection.

colorfulstoryofpeautsback.jpg (47306 bytes)

The Colorful Story of Peanuts Back Cover - 1957

ikeback.jpg (53952 bytes)

ikecenterfold.jpg (47606 bytes)

Presidents of the United States to Eisenhower Paint Book - Back Cover & Centerfold - 1953

makingofamericaback.jpg (67252 bytes)

makingofamericacenterfold.jpg (65492 bytes)

The Making of America Story & Paint Book - Back Cover and Centerfold - 1938

unitedstatesofamericaback.jpg (58885 bytes)

unitedstatesofamericacenterfold.jpg (66804 bytes)

The United States of America Paint Book - 1949

dedicatedtothechildrenofamericaback.jpg (57329 bytes)

Dedicated  to the Children of America Back Cover - 1928

dedeauxenfantsducanada.jpg (52805 bytes)

Dedie Aux Enfants Du Canada Back Cover - Undated

Dedieauxenfantsducanadainsidecover.jpg (36119 bytes)

Dedie Aux Enfants Du Canada Inside Front Cover - Undated

seeingtheusaback.jpg (46204 bytes)

seeingtheusacenterfold.jpg (65868 bytes)

Seeing the USA Paint Book Back Cover & Centerfold - 1950

presidentshoover.jpg (48213 bytes)

Presidents of the United States to Hoover Back Cover - 1932

happytimepaintbookback.jpg (42263 bytes)

Happy Time Paint Book Back Cover - 1946

yadlajoieavecmpeanutbackcover.jpg (46751 bytes)

yadlajoieavecmpeanut.jpg (52436 bytes)

yadlajoieavecmpeanutinsidefront.jpg (35259 bytes)

Ya d'la JOIE avec M. Peanut Back Cover, Centerfold & Inside Front Cover - Undated (Standard Brands LTD)

Famous Men Paint Book Back Cover - 1935