Here are some authorized Mr. Peanut Clocks.  These aren't the only ones authorized.  If you have a photo of a Mr. Peanut clock that is not shown here, please email it to me and I'll put it on this page.  Click Here to send me an email.

yellowneonclock.jpg (23521 bytes)

Yellow Neon Mr. Peanut. Wall Clock - 17" face with red case.

neonclock.jpg (38816 bytes)

Neon Mr. Peanut Wall Clock 17" Face - Blue Clock Case is not visible.

storeclock.jpg (21726 bytes)

Planters. Mr. Peanut Store Clock - 20", 1940

heritagewallclock.jpg (34198 bytes)

Planters Mr. Peanut, LifeSavers Heritage Logo Wall Clock

alarmclock.jpg (27372 bytes)

Mr. Peanut Alarm Clock

heritagealarmclock.jpg (27068 bytes)

Heritage Logo Mr. Peanut Alarm Clock

chapinclock.jpg (28292 bytes)

Chapin Wall Clock

bluefaceclock.jpg (24894 bytes)

Nabisco Brands Wall Clock

libertywoodcraftsclock.jpg (31983 bytes)

Liberty Woodcrafts Clock

planterslifesaversclock.jpg (23585 bytes)

Planters Lifesavers Clock

stlouisclock.jpg (26977 bytes)

Peanut Pals St. Louis, MO Convention, 1999

1995conventionclock.jpg (28894 bytes)

Mahwah, NJ Convention, 1995

yellowwatch1.jpg (21156 bytes)

watch1.jpg (24678 bytes)

pacesetterclock.jpg (22276 bytes)

Pacesetter Clock

75bdayclock.jpg (34489 bytes)

Mr. Peanut's 75th Birthday Clock

evolution.jpg (36762 bytes)

Mr. Peanut Evolution Clock

plankccolcfront.gif (59048 bytes)  plankclock11.gif (52169 bytes)
New England Store Clock
Only About 13 Made For
Use In Store
Not Available To Public