Photos With A Blue Background on this page are courtesy of Roger & Ginnie Johnson. Please scroll down!

Three Anchor Hocking Jars.  The label on the one on the top left is not frosted.  The one on the bottom is similar (5 lines of product) with a frosted label.  The one on the right is a newer jar with 4 lines of product and a frosted label. Other Anchor hocking jars have different graphics. Anybody have pictures?  Click Here to mail them to me if you do.

Small Jars - See Photos Below - All Are Authentic  The tallest jar above is the 75th Birthday Jar and stands 6 1/4 inches tall.

Planters LifeSavers Round Apothecary - 1990

Came with Miller/Planters Football tray and Pilsner Beer Glasses?

Made In Italy Miniature Octagon Jar - 1981


75th Birthday Jar - 1991

Apothecary Jar - 1979 - Brown Graphics

Fishbowl Jar - 1979 - Brown Graphics

Goldfish Bowl Jar - 1929


2 Fishbowl jars with large bar labels.  The one on the left is older and was replaced with a smaller label (right). 

Different labels are acceptable on the jars.  Planters didn't seem to have a standard label for any jar.  Note the original octagon finial lids.  As these were broken, Planters replaced them with the peanut finial lids.

Left - Octagon jar with 7 sides embossed and "T" label. Right - 8 sides embossed. Note the correct spacing between the E and R on the right jar.  Some fake octagon jars have a wide space between those letters.

Left- Anchor Hocking jar with small decal.  Right- Nickel Peanut jar with original red lid.
Roger wrote a book with photos on Planters Peanuts jars.  It is currently sold out but he is considering a reprint if there is enough interest. The book gives great detail on all the old Planters jars including what to look out for on fakes and reproduced Planters jars.  CLICK HERE to contact Roger directly for more information.

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