This page contains photos of Planters Mr. Peanut items that were sent to us and from our collection.

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pnutcar.jpg (31867 bytes)
Planters Mr. Peanut Train Car With Engine

mrpeanutwrappingpaper2.jpg (153194 bytes)
Original and Authorized
Mr. Peanut Wrapping Paper
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figuralgroup2 copy.jpg (68248 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Figurals
pen1.jpg (18047 bytes)
New Light-up Mr. Peanut Ballpoint
polonaise.jpg (26707 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Polonaise Ornament
acglass1.jpg (40664 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Glass with Atlantic City Souvenir Decal
Mr Peanut Carousel Truck.jpg (30947 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Carousel Truck

hitparadew.jpg (133695 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Leads Other Standard Brands Confections In This "OUR HIT PARADE" Print

Matchbox and Lledo Die Cast Trucks from England

worldseriesball2.jpg (43327 bytes)
Planters World Series Chocolaty Covered Peanuts Candy Baseball

thrifty3.jpg (29274 bytes)
Planters Mr. Peanut "Thrifti-Three" Header Card

vendor09.jpg (24263 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Vendor Cart

cashewbank.jpg (38746 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Cashew Tin Bank

nightlights1.jpg (32959 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Figural Night Lights.  Also came with Yellow Mr. Peanut Figure.

ceramicsp.jpg (35084 bytes)
Ceramic Mr. Peanut S&P Shakers with Rhinestone Eye

glow.jpg (18285 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Glow In The Dark Bank

piggybank.jpg (38166 bytes)
Planters Mr. Peanut Piggy Bank - Holiday Item From Ft. Smith, Arkansas Company Store Several Years Ago

tinsign.jpg (30354 bytes)
Old Planters Mr. Peanut Tin Sign

lovettprint.jpg (91655 bytes)
Signed Print by Paul Lovett

ftsmith.jpg (38341 bytes)
Ft. Smith Arkansas Mr. Peanut Sign

hrjar1.jpg (33039 bytes)
Planters. Mr. Peanut Honey Roasted Peanuts Jar

bluepeanutcar.jpg (22640 bytes)
Planters Mr. Peanut Peanut Car

lightedsign.jpg (40964 bytes)
Planters Lighted Sign

papertruck.jpg (50587 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Cardboard Display Truck

anchorjars2.jpg (24642 bytes)
5 Item Frosted Mr. Peanut Anchor Hocking Jar

0320schmitzboxes2.jpg (22855 bytes)
Rare Boxes

2ocars2.jpg (42659 bytes)
MTH Rail King Planters Mr. Peanut "O" Gauge Hopper Car

divis8w.jpg (25691 bytes)

0320schmitzboxes.jpg (29624 bytes)
Rare Mr. Peanut Boxes

colors.jpg (48774 bytes)
Some Colors of Mr. Peanut Plastic

vendorcarts.jpg (52211 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Vendor Carts

bobber1.jpg (25364 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Bobblehead

2003NewsChief.jpg (72898 bytes)
2003 Convention Newspaper Articles

yellowneonclock.jpg (23521 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Large, Yellow Neon Clock

blinkers.jpg (30307 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Blinkers

LimogesLikeBoxes.jpg (29299 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Limoges-Like Boxes

venders.jpg (43012 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Vender Banks

benjmedw1.jpg (28474 bytes)
"Missing" Benjamin Medwin Mr. Peanut Bank.

smalljars.jpg (22603 bytes)
Small Mr. Peanut Jars

4banks.jpg (30403 bytes)
4 Plastic Mr. Peanut Banks. Tan, Green, Lime Green and Baby Blue

ikecenterfold.jpg (47606 bytes)
Centerfold from Presidents to Eisenhower Paint Book - 7 1/2 x 21 inches.

ceramicplaque1.jpg (25196 bytes)
Planters Mr. Peanut Ceramic Wall Plaque


tinbanks.jpg (39226 bytes)
2 Mr. Peanut Tin Banks

1936flood.jpg (27258 bytes)
Wilkes-Barre, PA, 1936 flood

whatsit.jpg (53506 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Items

cookiecutters.jpg (23305 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Cookie Cutters On Card

nutcrackers.jpg (25375 bytes)
Prototype? Mr. Peanut Nutcrackers

1996coin.jpg (36202 bytes)
1996 80th Birthday Coin


phone.jpg (34379 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Figural Telephone

1950paintbook1.jpg (50298 bytes)
1950 Centerfold of Planters Mr. Peanut Items

squeezetoy.jpg (21286 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Rubber Squeeze Toy

stirrers.jpg (20962 bytes)
1990's Mr. Peanut Stirrers

prettyladybox.jpg (61043 bytes)
Planters, Mr. Peanut Pick of the Plantation, "Pretty Lady" Box

speedstick.jpg (31698 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Mennen Speed Stick - Wing Tip from Target Indy Car Spoiler

shotglass.jpg (26769 bytes)
FAKE Mr. Peanut shot glass.

canadaneon.jpg (41914 bytes)
Canadian Lighted Mr. Peanut Sign

storeclock.jpg (21726 bytes)
Very Rare Mr. Peanut Store Clock

confectionerstin1.jpg (25013 bytes)
Planters Mr. Peanut Confections Tin

popgun.jpg (33231 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Paper Pop Gun

2bags.jpg (71830 bytes)
Plastic Republican National Convention and Paper Mr. Peanut Store Bags

rwbbank1.jpg (14993 bytes)
Red, White & Blue Plastic Mr. Peanut Bank

1996 Enesco Ornament

prsad.jpg (28277 bytes)
P&R and P&P Ad

neonclock.jpg (38816 bytes)
Mr. Peanut Clocks & Timepieces

jarrettnuts.jpg (67013 bytes)
Dale Jarrett, Mr. Peanut Packages - One Ounce

butternutter.jpg (21888 bytes)
Nutter Butter now in stores (Thanks Ken)

peanutbrittle1.jpg (51372 bytes)
2002 Peanut Brittle

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